Appearance (advanced) "other"

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Does anyone know what is the purpose of “other” in the appearance (advanced)? and How can we use it ? (If you can reply with examples I really appreciate it)

FYI, I already checked the ODK’s appearance documentation and “other” is not there.


Hi @BarzanAAli,

Welcome to the community! Yes, there is a drop down option under the Appearance (Advanced) which you should under the form builder UI as shown in the image below:

Please be informed that other itself is not a specific appearance but is something that can be used other than what is listed under the Appearance (Advanced). For e.g. in the image shown above, you see multiline, numbers and other which might change based on the question type that you have configured. For this example i have selected text as question type. So, if you select other here, you should get the following screen as shown in the image below:

Here you will be able to use all different appearance (based on the question type that you have configured other than multiline and numbers because you could use the same through the default settings) as outlined in the image as shown below:

For details, you could also visit this page which provides you with all the possible appearance attributes that you could use under different question types.

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Thank you so much. appreciated.

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Example of Appearance - Other - If you want the user to click new image and restrict upload of image from Gallery, you can use Appearance as Other and specify “new” in adjacent box.

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