Appearance issue: Deployed a new version of the survey, but some subjects still visualise the old one

To whoever might be concerned,

I’ve tested on 20 devices (including different models of Android, Iphone, Mac, Windows, Linux) before and after deploying my survey.
Then the first problem arrived: I had some visual issues with the first deployed version of my survey, which didn’t manifest in the first week. During this second week of collecting someone communicated me that they couldn’t see one (mandatory) question so they couldn’t conclude the questionary.
Apparently, the problem was that only some devices couldn’t see the first drop-down menu bar, but only three dots:

Second problem: I thought that by changing the visual appearance of the survey and redeploying it, I would have solved the problem, but some new subjects are still seeing the old version when they use the link to complete the survey (but some see the new version, which is a double choice question that needs to be ticked).

Is there something I can do? Is it a bug of kobotoolbox and I can’t do nothing about it?
Did someone experience the same issues?

(Just for Info, the first problem happened on devices of people that might not have updated their mobiles and computers, but even on a device which supposedly was completely updated, so I can’t really find the cause or how to manage it.)

Thank you in advance for the help!

Hi @didico and welcome to the community!

If the forms are already cached in the client side, when you update your form during deployment phase, you’ll see the following pop-up on the top of the screen:

If you refresh your page, it should solve itself by updating the version.

Clearing the cache of the devices and opening the form should also help.

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