Applying “field-list” appearance to the whole group but still does now work

Question matrix type with field list appearance.

It’s me again.

I’m trying to display several “question matrix type” on the same screen. I have tried grouping them using “begin_group” and applying “field-list” appearance to the whole group, but it doesn’t work.
I am using “theme-grid pages no-text-transform” in the configuration page. When I use “theme-grid no-text-transform”, it seems to work with the question matrix, but not with the rest of the question groups, showing them as one question per page.

Is there any solution you know of? I would appreciate it.

Hi @ingarciahn
Your issue is rather confusing. Could you confirm what exactly the issue is from the three items below?

  1. You have multiple groups of question matrix questions, and you want all these groups to appear on the same page. If your issue is 1, please provide a sample of the XLS sheet and a screenshot of what you see.
  2. You have group questions which you want to appear on the same page? In this case, the “field-list” should work just fine.
  3. Your issue is different from 1 & 2. Kindly explain.


@ingarciahn, seems like you are trying to group a question and display them on a same screen by using the settings as described:

The thing you have to note here is that this only works with Collect android app and not with Enketo.

If you wish to use Enketo and achieve what you intend by the above settings, you will need to use the pages layout.