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Hi @Kal_Lam

Again one help , Can i download the appointment schedule from external file basis date selected ?

like , i have an excel in which date wise schedule of visit plan data enumerator is available , what i want is that in case he select the date it should show him the appointment he has on that particular date in muliselect or select_one option.

Please guide



Could you elaborate this with some dummy questions and choices so that we could understand your requirement much clearly.

Hi @caneeraj
If I understood your query correctly, you would like to have a specific interviewer select a date, then they would get the appointments scheduled for them on that particular date? If that is the case, then it should be possible by use of the pull data functionality or by using external CSV connection. But since you really need this to be done using select multiple, the use of an external CSV would make more sense than all the other methods. You will need to have the excel with the data being pulled being the source of the CSV file. The date will be the matching parameter. Perhaps if you had done some initial design and test, we can help you identify which part is not working appropriately.


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Hi @Kal_Lam , @stephanealoo

what i wanted to do is ,

we have persons who are working in the field and they all are having thier schedule of visits in excel format like below


we want that the file can be uploaded in the media section ( to extract data ) or any other way as you guide.

and in the form , when the user will select the data his appointments should reflect in select_one or multiple select in the next page like below


please consider the pivot table as filter to show data and the row label as data to be shown to field person.

i am aware with pull data function but i could not do it some how.

Please guide how can we make it possible ?



Could you share with us the csv file the dummy question that you would like to see in the data collection form. Try to stick with only 2/3 questions that are required so that you understand the principle of how it works.