Arabic Answers are showing as question marks!

My survey is in English, whenever I try to pull data from an excel file connected to my kobo form in Arabic it appear as question marks, I am using the humanitarian server. I even changed the survey’s language to Arabic but I keep facing the same problem. Even when the data is submitted, the still appear as ??? in the table.

If I changed the names in the EXCEL file to English, it works perfectly fine.

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @ranabenmahmoud! As discussed in our previous post you will need to convert your csv file to UTF-8 format if your csv file contains non-English fonts or special characters. You could do this through the Save As.

Could you please show me the steps because I did try it but it is not working

it still appears as ??? in the new saved csv file

The steps may be different based on the MS Excel version you are using, but the following steps could give you a hint/clue:

  • Open your CSV file (with the one that has the non-English Unicode)
  • Press File
  • Press Save As
  • Select a location where you wish to save the file
  • Then go to Save as type and select CSV UTF-8
  • Then press Save