Archiving your project fails

Dear all,

I have been using the Archiving option before to have data stored, but it will no longer accept submissions. I follow these steps exactly, but the command seems to be empty and no project gets archived. It happens for any project I try in different user accounts.

Can anyone support?

Hi Gerianne
I have tested this on the same server you are in and it works perfectly. Could you kindly confirm the same process on a different browser ensuring you have good connectivity. If you experience any challenges, kindly get some screenshots of the errors you are facing at different times.


I have been having the same issue - I follow the steps in the online help document and confirm that I want to archive the project and then nothing happens. I have tried doing this in Chrome, Firefox and IE11 - all exactly the same. I have archived projects in the past without any difficulty. I am attaching a screenchot. After clicking on the blue archive button you just go back to the original screen, but nothing has been archived. Is there anything else I can try?

Hi @njturing,

Welcome to the community! The main objective of archiving a project is to block enumerators from pulling blank forms (so that they do not enter the wrong form accidentally) or block enumerators from submitting completed forms for those projects whose data collection has been assumed to be completed.

There are multiple ways of archiving a project. Please see the images below as reference:

Method 1:

Method 2:

Once you have archived the projects, you will see the changes as shown in the image below: