Array in XLSForm

Hello everyone, I wanted to know how I can create an array in xlsform and count the number of elements in my array and display all the elements in a loop

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Three ideas:

  1. You can create a repeat group, enter (or set) and store the elements, count them, and then display one by one in a second repeat group.
  2. Or you can define an array and display one by one element in a repeat group…
  3. You could use a fixed or dynamic choice_list and show the elements as list or one by one.

I attach a simple example for option 2. (The array definition and the counter could be calculate type, making them hidden to the user.).
Array01.xlsx (10.2 KB)

If you could provide more details, the community may help better.
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Thank you very much, because that’s exactly what I was looking for