At least one yes from many yes and no select one

Hello, ok i have 6 select_one y_n questions where y_n is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in choices, so i want to validate so that a user cannot select all 6 question ‘no’, the user must atleast choose one ‘yes’


Thanks it work! i had mess around in constrain column but no luck, so thank you this work


Hint: The given solution will only work if all selects are required. Otherwise any empty case will set the relevant expression to false.

So, if any of these question is not mandatory, the expression needs to be adapted:

  • (${q1} = “no” or ${q1} =‘’) and (… or …) … and (… or …). This would also allow that all 6 selects are empty.
  • Another adaption would be: not( ${q1} = ‘yes’ or … or ${q6} = ‘yes’ ). This would require at least one yes.

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