Attached media files are missing

Hi there! All the media files I upload to kobo don’t deploy. There are no errors, while deploying, but the files are missing. Please help

P.S, It’s wav files, in particular

Have you deployed your survey project after adding your media to the survey project? It should work after you deploy/redeploy your survey project.

Yes, I’ve deployed a number of times, the only media the thing loads is just the logo (png) Also, the wave files (I made them really small in size) start disappearing when they reach over 100 in number. Is this a built in limitation? The total size is about 100mb

So you mean you have media files approximately 100 in number? Are they all WAV files?

Yes sir. And yes, they are all wav files for people who cannot read the questions

I’ve also tried 1 wave file. Kobo ignores it and loads the logo, a png file, only

OK, give me a minute will check the same at my end to see if it’s an issue. FYI, the system should support wav files.

OK, I just made a test and I could upload a wav file. FYR:

Maybe you will need to check the same at your end.

I can upload fine. But the wav files do not download to kobocollect even after deploying numerous times

@mandla, would you mind sharing with me your xlsform that has the media question and your wav file so that I could check them out. Or, you could also share with me the following through a private message (maybe I could have a closer look at it):

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@Kal_Lam did you getr my message with the details that you requested?

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@mandla, have received it. Will get back to you soon.

@mandla, as a temporary workaround, try using mp3 instead of wav file it should work. I will let you know when the system should support the wav format too.

Thank you @Kal_Lam

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