Attachment fields in a form not uploaded

Dear Kobo support team,

We have an issue with the attachment fields of our forms. they fail to be uploaded and the message appears is “file * could not be found (leave unchenged if already submited and you want to preserve it”
. Do you know why this is happening? is it the size of the files or is anything else? do you think we can solve this issue? I am sending you a photo of the form.
thank you very much in advance

Welcome back to the community, @Stavripal! So you mean when you try to edit the submissions, you do not see the uploaded file that you had submitted previously? Did I get you correctly?

Hello Kal_Lam, nice to see you again.
Yes this is the case. The partner can upload the files and submits the forms but when my self of the partner try to open/edit the form in order to download the files this message appears and we cannot download the files.

If downloading the files is only your requirement, you could download it through DATA>Downloads>Media Attachments (ZIP).

That is right!! thank you very much! indeed the files are downloaded from there.
have a nice day!

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