Attachments lost...?

Strangely, of late I’ve seen some attachments simply not available for some submissions.
In KPI, it shows this:

In the downloaded XLS file, the URL column against this item is blank whereas for other items the URL is available and working.

This is a mandatory field so there’s no chance that the user submitted the data without it (collection is being done through ODK Collect).

Can anyone help me identify how this could have happened?

@Josh @jnm

Attachments may be sent as separate POST requests by ODK Collect: Kobo capacity/maxima for media files - #5 by jnm.

Could you check the devices and make sure the submissions are shown to have fully uploaded successfully?


Thanks, this was indeed the case.
Usually all submissions are under the 10MB limit but occasionally there are a few bigger ones, which tend to fail when being sent to the server. Manually submitting them on a stronger connection resolved the issue.


Thanks for confirming!

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