Attribute Error int object has no attribute strip

Self-Esteem.xlsx (19.6 KB)
READY FOR USE Club Register 2705.xlsx (34.0 KB)
READY FOR USE_ Conservation Questionnaire.xlsx (29.6 KB)

Hello, I keep getting the Importerror on these documents. I can seem to find the error.

Did you check with the Online validator?

To locate the problem you might clone the form/project and temporary delete the pulldata lines.

Side-note some questions/variables don’t have a label in the second language, so probably show empty on screen with this language chosen.

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Yes, I checked with the online validator and there are errors.
if I delete the Pulldata lines, then the file wont read the CSV file. Will I paste them back after temporarily deleting?
Thanks for the side note, the questionnaires are in the translation process.

I have delete the pulldata lines but it is still giving the same error.

Hi @timeandtide,
delete the “Sheet1” from your Excel file and it should work.
It seems to be a KoBo import problem/bug. I will come back with details soon.

Side-note: There are other problems in your form,

  • column name “hint” in choices sheet. Should be label …
  • missing column name in settings (default_language)
  • ALL text elements should have the 2 languages 2 columns), e.g. in survey sheet hint constraint_message, etc.

All three forms are not uploaded and working fine. Thank you!

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