Audio Files Won't Work On KoBo Collect App

Hi there,

We’ve recently trialled a survey which uses audio messages for the questions. On the Enketo form the audio files work fine.

However, on updating KoBo Collect the option to listen to the audio file is on the form, however they do not play. With the below error coming up.

Is there something that need confirming/syncing on the app?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Welcome to the community, @wurzel_grumage! Maybe you will also need to check the file format for the app to work:

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. We managed to work the issue out, my colleague had saved the filename and included the filetype in the name e.g. name.m4a was name.m4a.m4a which was different from the file name on the XLS. All changed now and we are working.

Will check the link out if I have any other concerns.


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Thank you for confirming and also sharing the solution with the entire community @wurzel_grumage! :clap: :heart:

No worries @Kal_Lam, happy to share experiences.

Have a great weekend!

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