Audio not able to play

Hello everyone,

This is my first time using kobotoolbox for data collection. I have two questions that I set to record audio. The challenge I have is that the long audio files are not able to play. Is there a limit on how long the audio recording should be? Or what could be the problem in accessing the audio files? I have attached a picture of the error image I am getting.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Welcome to the community, @jessyaka! Could you also let the community know your total audio length? What did you use when collecting the audio (Collect android app or Enketo)? Where did you try playing the audio that did not play?

Thank you so much for the feedback @Kal_Lam. Below is my response to the questions:

  1. Total audio length is difficult to determine because most are not able to load completely. I have good internet connectivity so it may not be the cause. The audios that are less than 2 min long are able to open without a problem.

Just to give more background information, I edited the questions to allow for longer recording because the research assistants were complaining about having too many questions that needed a recording. So I changed the format and had one prompt for recording with several prob questions making the recording longer, it could be about 4-5mins.

  1. I used koboCollect for android. I tried to play the audio on my mac book air (M1) laptop.

I hope this gives more clarity. Thank you for your kind assistance.


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Hi @jessyaka can you please send me the following details in a private message so that I can take a look. I have tested some audio files >10min and it still works on my end.

  • username
  • project name
  • ids of some affected submissions
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Hello @Josh. Thank you very much for the feedback. I checked how to send a private message so I hope this works. The following are my details:

Username: xxxxxxx
Project name: WASH final 2022
Ids of some affected submissions: 177 and 179 (but there are more)

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Hi @jessyaka, can you please send me the _id values? I tested 117 and 179, assuming that was referring to the value in Reference_ID, and I didn’t have issues playing the audio.

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Hello @Josh , thank you very much for taking the time to check. What media player did you use to play? Also, do I have to download the audio files before playing maybe? I have only tried to play from the data table view window in KoboToolbox.

It is a relief to know that they can play, but sadly am not able to.

Hi @jessyaka, I tried both Firefox and Chrome using both the data table media player and the browser’s — when clicking on the audio file from the submission modal and it opens in a new tab.

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