Audio recording questions on Kobotoolbox web forms

Hello everybody,

I am trying to add some audio recording option of response to my web forms but I cannot undertand how to do it.
The system only allows to add audio file but not designing questions that can be answered through a recording system. Later, I would also like to use the new transcript modality for these answeres.

Many thanks for your support,
Best, Natascia

Welcome back to the community, @natascia! Are you using the Collect android app to collect audio responses or Enketo webforms?

Hi Kal_Lam,

thanks for your feedback. I am trying to test it on webforms and then probably to use it through the App.
I cannot find the button to create an audio question in the form building in the webform…
thank you! Best Natascia

You should be able to find the audio question here, as shown in the image below:

You should be able to learn more about the audio question from our support article “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video” and “File” question types.

Dear Kal-Lam

many thanks. However that button only allows to upload an audio file while I am trying to have a question which answer can be directly recorded.

Is that possible?
Many thanks

@natascia, you will need an inbuilt audio recorder on your device when collecting data with Enketo. If you do not have one, try installing one compatible with your device. So once you have an audio recorder in your device, load the web form. Then select `click here to upload file.’ as shown in the image below:

Then you will be able to see the audio recorder as shown in the image below:

With this, you should be able to record audio through Enketo web forms.