Audio recording

Bonjour chers tous,
Svp j’ai besoin d’une assistance par rapport à
l’enregistrement d’un audio à partir dune tablette Samsung.
Voir l’erreur sur la capture d’écran en pièce jointe.

Welcome back to the community, @ArnoldKouassi! You will need an inbuilt audio recorder in your device to record an audio from your survey project. If your device don’t have one, you could download it from the play store. Maybe you could download RecForge II from the play store which should capture your audio smoothly in your android device.

J’ai déjà un recorder, mais le problème persiste​:pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:

Does this issue happen when trying the same with other devices too?

Non c’est seulement avec les tablettes Samsung

Which recorder do you have in your device? Are you able to record normal recording outside the Collect android app system?

J’ai installé VoiceRecorder,

Have you installed RecForge II to see if it works at your end? It has worked pretty decently at my end.

Je vais essayer.

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Hi @ArnoldKouassi
Are you confirming that you actually had this work with the installation of RecForgeII. If not, kindly confirm which make of the make of Samsung Tablet you have.


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