Audit files of particular deployments

I’m having a few problems because I made edits and redeployed the form during data collection (more than once).

The big obstacle is downloading audit files for all the versions.
The Media Attachments (ZIP) contains only some submissions (probably of the previous versions) and pulling the data through ODK Briefcase resulted in zero submissions.

FYI, When I pull data through the api (to Power BI) I get all the versions except the last one, but I’m dealing with that by manually downloading the xls file for the latest version.

any thoughts from the experts?

like… is there a way to pull individual audit files? or audit files from certain versions of the form?

@nartabaza, sorry this is not possible at the moment (to download audit files separately). But at the same time please be informed that this issue has already been discussed internally (within our KoBoToolbox team). Hopefully KoBoToolbox should be able to address this in the near future (which again depends upon the funding availability and the priority).

what about audit files of particular deployments?
or any other solution to my problem?
my problem being: the downloaded audit files are incomplete

Are you not able to download the Media Attachments (ZIP) at the moment?

I am able to download it, but it contains 40 files only while I have more than 200 submissions.

I don’t think users are able to download audit files for specific deployments at the moment.