Auto save of project and data with version and modification like google Drive


I’m working on a collaborative project where many people are able to edit form data. I’m afraid that some people might do some wrong modification.
Is there a way to save differents versions of the form data with references of the changes that were made ? Like google drive where we can keep many version with details with the last change that occured.

Thanks in advance !

Welcome to the community, @timebis! Did you mean editing a survey form or editing a record (submission)?

Thanks @Kal_Lam :slight_smile:
I mean editing a record.

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@timebis, we don’t have this feature yet but please be informed that we have already documented this in our new features request documentation.

Great !
May you share this link ? So that I Can have a look for future project :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !

We don’t have a public collection for this. We only have it documented personally (not publically).