Auto update choices in select one question


I want to create a form with select one question and the available answers to be automatically renewed,
Maybe by connecting the form with an excel where the options/answers are saved.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

If you have limited response options, you could do this as outlined in the support article Including Responses Inside Another Question. But if you wish to add unlimited choices, maybe it would be impossible.

Hi @helios_me, you can try using a select_one_from_file question and regularly updating the choices file. There’s also the upcoming basic case management feature being released soon that may solve this:

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Thank you Kal Alm for your reply.
Unfortunately this would not work for me as the choices are not answers from another question.
I am trying to build an attendance sheet. Students are removed/added during the course lifespan so I want to be able to retrieve the students names-answer options from the students’ list file.

Thank you Josh! Very useful file in overall
As I am not familiar with csv and xml file is that the same with uploading xls file for building a form?

Looking forward for the new feature, how will we be informed about its availability?

Many thanks!

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@helios_me, you could follow the same through our announcement. The announcement will be made in the community.

Hi @helios_me, that’s great! You can refer to the support page here on media uploads, however the management of media has changed slightly and the support page still needs to be updated to reflect this. You can refer to the discussion here regarding the changes:

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