Autocomplete Cascading


I am utilising cascading selects. I use it to describe hues of colour based on a book (Munsel). The purpose of the question is to describe one colour.
The first selection has 18 choices (page), each option then has 10 choices (rows) and then each row has one name.

The cascading works perfectly, but sometimes they forget to select the name, is there any way I could get the name to be autocompleted? (especially because the cascading-select is only one)?

Welcome back to the community, @alics!

Could you provide more details on this? Maybe the community should then be able to help you if it’s possible.

Munsell.xlsx (27.1 KB)

So I am uploading the cascading-select and an image.

As you can see the name is only one option every time.

But because it comes out the cascading select I don’t know how to make it the default value.