Autocomplete password

Hi everyone,

I have successfully installed kobo on our serve however, we would like to disable the password filled with auto complete option to become autocomplete="off"

is this option possible in kobo and were can I adjust.

Thank you

could anyone please help me!

Could you be a bit clearer about the issue, as I wasn’t able to understand it.

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Hi @farah
If you are logging into your server via a web browser, the password storage is not a server issue but rather a browser functionality. So the issue here is with your browser which is set to remember passwords for various logins. Kindly check on your browser for disabling “password remember”.

If the above is not the issue, kindly expound on your issue so that other users can support you.


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I want to edit the form tag in the index.html file to include in it autocomplete=“off”

where can i find the index.html and edit it?

thank you very much

any suggestions?