Automate excel data into Pivot Tables

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Is it possible to automate the xls file directly into pivot to give me a summary of the results I would like to have rather than I have to clean the whole data and later run it on pivot?

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Hi @branno813
So far I understand from your question that you are doing the pivot table/charts every time whenever you are updating your data in your dataset. I can share my experience with and hope it will be helpful for you.
Covert your dataset as ‘Table’ format in excel file. Follow the below menu:
Go to Home Menu > Format as Table (under style) > select any style that you prefer

Now create your pivot tables/charts keeping your data source which you converted as ‘Table’ format.

From now, whenever you add/delete/update your data in your dataset that you converted as table format, you just need to refresh your data and all the pivot table/chart will be updated automatically. You do not need to re-do pivot tables/charts. For refreshing the data:
Go to Data Menu > Click on ‘Refresh All’

Hope it will be helpful for your.


Arshad Hussain


Dear Branon,

You can use Power Query (About Power Query in Excel - Microsoft Support). You can directly import you collected Kobo surveys into an Excel workbook and create your Pivot table, later you can click the update button and all your new survey will import to excel workbook and your tables will update. If you have any question, please let me know


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