Automated filter drop down based on prior data collection

I have a form with a field that includes a drop down of site IDs. Is there a way that after a form is filled and submitted with that site ID that then that site ID option is no longer an option for choosing? So a drop down site ID could only be chosen once requirement and dynamic filter on data entered?
Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you in advance for your help!

Do you want to limit this (used) ID for the next form on the same device? Or for all devices?

About how many users do you have?
With how many Kobo accounts?
And about how many IDs in total?
Does one user submit several IDs?

@Kal_Lam. @Josh. Is there a possibility to do a czse search (ID = …) on the server data (e.g. by KPI or REST)? And can this be used like an external call from inside a form, with input parameter (ID)?

Sorry I copied the wrong response for one of the questions, below is my response corrected.

Thank you so very much for the response.

I could easily limit it to one user on one device if that made it easier to complete the restriction.

About how many users do you have? 4 (but could limit to 1)
With how many Kobo accounts? 3 (but could limit to 1)
And about how many IDs in total? 69 sites/site IDs
Does one user submit several IDs? Yes

Also, they will be collecting data at multiple sites in one day and will not have the ability to upload those results until the end of the day (middle of national forest). The forms would be stored on the phone until the end of the day when they got to wifi.
Thank you!

Hi, so, you could delete your previous msg (see … menu).

A workaround might be to print the IDs on paper and to “tick off/ cross out” each used one manually.

I think there is no simple way to do this locally with Kobo between multiple cases, as you can only get values of the last_saved form.
So, control might be possible, if the IDs have a fixed ordering (e.g. ascending), and must be used in this order. You could then get the ID of the last_saved case and use a choice_filter (or a constraint) to only allow the next higher IDs. (You might even preset the next valid ID…)

Another option might be to collect the data for the different ID cases in a repeat loop, instead of multiple forms. Here you could control against all IDs in this form.

Some help for the user might be given, if you include the ID in the saved/finalized form name, which is visible in the listings ox Collect.
For better understanding, would you mind to explain the content and systematic of this “ID”?

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Thank you so much for the very helpful response. I think we will go with the daily tracklog of sites visited that they manually cross out and see if I can get the ID in the saved form as you suggest. It seems like that’s the easiest way with the way the survey is structured. They will be going to prior surveyed sites that have been identified/tied to multiple years of data by this site ID and will not be in visiting sites in order of site ID (will depend on weather, access, proximity, etc).
Thank you again for your help!

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