Automatic appearance of certain elements in a repetition group

Hi all, I have a problem and I’ll tell you about it to see if anyone can help me.
I am designing a survey form in KoboToolbox and in this form I have a question titled: “list the products of the microenterprise”. In this question, the interviewer has to manually list all the products of the microenterprise by separating them with semicolons (;). For example: “Livestock; Goats; Local poultry; …”.
Later in the questions, I created a repeating group called “Average quantities of products” where the interviewer is asked to give details on each of the products he/she listed in the question “list the products of the microenterprise”. In the repeating group, the questions are: “Product name”, “ULM_Product”, “Product quantity” and “Average selling price of the product”.
So, to avoid input errors in the “Product name” question by the interviewer in the repeating group, I would like to use a coding system that extracts one by one the products listed in the “List the products of the microenterprise” question and puts them automatically as the answer to the “Product name” question.
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Welcome back to the community, @tuumaprojectdata! Instead of using the text questions, maybe you could use the select_multiple question type, as discussed in one of our previous posts:

Dear @Kal_Lam, thank you for your proposal to use the select_Multiple, I had even thought about it but the problem I encountered is the multitude of products that can be encountered with microenterprises; so if I want to list these products it will only be a sample that can negatively impact the results of the survey. That is why I would like to give the investigators the latitude to enter the names of the products and at the repeating group level automate the appearance of the names of previously entered products.