Automatic drop-down menu with all the world's countries

Hello friends,

I wonder if I can add a drop-down menu automatically with all the world’s countries without the need to type them down individually.


Welcome to the community, @Rayanr! Do you mean you wish to have a select one question for the country that can be visualized with a drop-down display?

Many thanks
I wish to add a select one question in the form of a drop down menu if possible without writing all the world’s countries
It is a kind of a plugin/adding for countries
I don’t know if kobotoolbox has this option

@Rayanr, you could do this through the minimal appearance attribute as discussed in the post previously:

You will have to do it manually unless if there are any in our public collection. You could learn more about the public collections through this support article:

Many Thanks @Kal_Lam

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