How to create a drop down list in KoBoToolbox as seen in excel?

i would like to create drop down list in kobo toolbox form such as: the list of country or something like this

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Hello keut_soumphonpackdy,

I have same question. When a particular province is selected, a drop down list should appear showing only those districts that falls under particular province

Hi @nirajshrestha1,

Welcome to the community! To create a drop down list in KoBoToolbox, please use the minimal under the appearance column as shown in the image below:

Drop down in Form Builder User Interface:

Drop down in xlsform:


A screenshot of how it appears in the Enkekto:

Note: The minimal can be used for both select_one or the select_multiple question type.

Hello Lama Sir,

thank you friend …I managed to get the job done…thank you for sharing the solution.

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