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We have been implementing a survey on the field during the course of last month, but due to several challanges, we could not QA/QC the submissions until this month, so in case there will be some corrections/modifications the time gap between the “Start” and “End” will be huge.

Is it possible to manually edit/alter the “End” time after revising a form?


Welcome @archibald,
_submission_time (server level) will not change.

You might create/deploy a new version of your form for editing with an additional datetime variable with read_only and calculation once(${end}). This should save the original value: the first save of the form.

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Thank you for your reply

Are you referring to the column “submission date” which is usually placed at the end near the id column? If so im referring to End date column “B” since we might need to revise some forms, i tried changing the timezone before editing it but the website didn’t allow me to.

Im sorry im still new to KoBo and mainly use the builder for developing and editing forms, you suggested redeplying/cloning the form, but as far as i know i can only duplicate the form without including the submissions

Before going on, would you mind to tell us what you want to do/analyse with the End value?

There was a very detailed discussion about stand, end and _submission_time which can be found with the search function of the forum.

It seems as the API allows to set/change the start, end values.
Maybe @josh could give an example how this can be done with the API.

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Exactly, i want to set the “End” value to earlier time, say August, for a submission that has already been made. Is it possible to do this via the forma/ data tab ?

If you use the bulk edit function, which can also be applied to a single case/selection, it seems that the end is not changing. @jnm may confirm this, please (as intended KoBo behaviour).

For the bulk edit option, see Help Center article

But be careful using bulk edit, please: Different to modal edit (via pencil or eye icon), the bulk edit does not consider the consistency rules of your form, e.g. skips and constraints.

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