Automatic Failure of kobo data updating on the Google sheet

Dear all.

I have created the KOBO collection form and linked it with Google sheet using "=IMPORTDATA(“",";”) and it has worked. The only problem I have is for the data new data to auto populate/update on the Google sheet. I am currently, deleting the formula and adding it again for the data to come up.

Is there a work around for this data to refresh it self? maybe setting it to every hour? Can you support me on this?

Welcome to the community, @mblessings! You will need to make a new synchronous export and then update the API again in the Google sheet to reflect the latest data that is stored in the synchronous export.

Hey @Kal_Lam, thanks for the feedback. I have tried it but I am not getting the data instantly. If I use 8n8 nodes the data is populating well and instantly. The only problem is that it is pulling everything including the things that I don’t need. see the screenshot attached