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Hi, I have a Kobo survey with around 3,000 questions, Is there any way this translation can be made using a formula on the XLS form instead of translating one by one? have anyone has the same situations

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@Maria2050, did you mean you wish to translate your questions in the formbuilder? You could do this as outlined in the support articles listed below:

But if you wish to bulk translate the languages to your survey project, you may need to go with the XLSForm. That would be much easier.

However, please note that the system will not automatically translate the questions for you. You will need to translate the questions by yourself.

Hi, yes, I’ m aware of this. but If I have 3,000 questions instead going one by one doing the translation in the XLSform , is it possible to apply a formula that do it for it (dragging down the formula)? so is much quicker. For example for google sheet =GOOGLETRANSLATE(“text”,“source_language”,“target_language”) replacing with the language code. Is anything similar?

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You can copy/paste the original language label column in e.g. Google translate and then copy/paste the translation back into your XLS forms’ target language label column.
For Google translate you have to keep in mind that there’s a limit of 5000 characters per translation. So you have to do it section-wise.
If you use to DeepL Pro you there should be no limit.

Another way would be having a cleaned XLS form that only contains the original language label column. You can translate the whole file using Google Translate or DeepL and paste the result in your target langauge column in your master XLS form.

In most cases Google Translate and DeepL even correctly handle markdown and HTML formatting tags (except when translating from e.g. english to arabic, where the reversed writing direction makes it tricky and will require manual adjustment.)

Still not an automatized solution, but much faster than doing this line by line.

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