Avoid enumerators from editing form

Can you please help me in restricting others as well as enumerators from editing form in kobo website

Welcome back to the community, @libtech_2020! Did you mean editing the records from the server?

yes .we need to restrict editing the form details.example:

Example:some one is creating clone of the current project .

So you mean a user should not be able to download a form in XLSForm or be able to clone the project for his/her personal use. If yes, could you also provide some details on why this feature would be useful? That would be helpful for us to document.

Yes,There is a chance of manipulating APP Form.Our entire logic in questionnaire can be spoiled .As a result we will not get required data from the field.So this Feature will help us a lot if you
help us.Thank you

Have you tried out sharing the project with only the add submission permission? Maybe that should solve your issue.