Avoiding CSV leaking under online form

Dear all,
I want to use CSV pulling data in an online form (enketo). However, that CSV has some sensitive data such as people’s names. In some tests, I`ve seen that is extremely easy to anybody that has access to the online form to download all CSV pulled data, which became a security issue to the way that I’d like to collect data. They just have to inspect the page using their browser.

Is there any way to protect the CSV and avoid that kind of “leaking”?


Welcome to the community, @dlcastro! If you are not sharing the user login credentials of your user account, the enumerators/ survey participants filling up the survey form should not be able to access to your CSV file. They shall only be able to fill up the form.

If your team is collecting data through Enekto, you could simply share the URL to fill up the form. Maybe you could follow our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms for more details on how to collect data through Enketo.

Hi, @Kal_Lam
Thanks for your answer.
The problem is that It is possíble to download the pulled data/CSV file from any online form URL, without the credentials. I’m not sharing my login and password.

If you send me an online form (without mandatory authentication) with pull data I can download the CSV and upload here to show. I think it can be a problem to many users.


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@dlcastro, could you share us the steps so that we could have a closer look and block this out from the system? Thank you for bringing this to the community!