Avoiding Zero Household Occupancy

CFARegistration_SingularResidency.xlsx (19.0 KB)
I need assistance just to identify where I am going wrong. The template refuses to proceed where a household with one occupier is captured. For example if there is only 1 male who is 20 years old. Please help!

Hi @bkgwadi
Consider adding a calculate question in between the two questions and reference the calculate question in the NoOfFemales as shown in highlights below


Thanks @stephanealoo Is there a way my Excel worksheet can be edited, am a basic user of XLS Forms and I am digging deep in a no solution kind of thing

@bkgwadi, you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

This one too should be helpful for you …

CFARegistration_SingularResidency.xlsx (19.1 KB)
Screenshot 2021-11-19 093300
Have tried that to no avail, more error messages.

Prevent_Zero_HouseholdMembers.xlsx (16.5 KB)
Hie @Kal_Lam I replicated the example of preventing a zero household situation originally it was with two variables totmales and totfemales. But I am now failing to do that for the expanded variables ie I now have 4 from two. How can I still prevent a user punching in zero’s in all the four variables that measure number of people in a household?

@bkgwadi, in this case, you could follow the workaround discussed previously:

This works well but say on Q1, you iput 10 and on Q2, you also input 10 and the rest being zeros, it becomes an error.

It works well without the relevance conditions!

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