Azure Blob Storage of attachements

Hi Kobo Community,

I need to find a way to use Azure blob storage for the .vols/kobocat_media_uploads directory.
I have installed kobotoolbox on an Ubuntu VM in Azure. All is working perfectly fine. I just need to make sure I use blob storage and not the local disk.

Could someone please guide me on the best option? I have tried mounting the blob using fuse (mounting works but I’m unsure about the stability and/or cache configurations for this option. Also not getting it to mount at boot (losing a little bit). I have also tried using in a docker container and after setting it up I realized that kobo seemingly can only connect to AWS S3 storage.

Your help and guidance would be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @eugenejvr! Pinging @stephenoduor and @ks_1 to see if they are available for your support.

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Kobo uses boto3 at the backend which is the library for S3, and as far as I know there’s no other connector. So you’ll be able to use Amazon S3 and other S3 compatible buckets.

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Ok, Thank you for the response. In the meanwhile, I got my Azure blob container mounted at ~/kobo-docker/.vols/kobocat_media_uploads
Caching seems fine, Do you think this can be a viable solution?