Background audio

i cant listen to background audio

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Welcome to the community, @datacollector2023! Did you mean you cannot listen to the background audio from the Data View Table?


I am facing the same issue. I have enabled background audio but I cannot listen to it from the data table view (same error as captured above). Upon clicking the open tab, I get the error attached below. The mic on my android phone is enabled, I’ve also given KoboCollect mic access.

I have also followed all the instructions re: enabling background audio recording in the form builder as outlined here: Recording an Entire Interview with Background Audio Recording — KoboToolbox documentation.

Do you have any other suggestions to resolve this issue?

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the community, @shaheenmadras! This is a bug, and we have a GitHub issue. You should be able to follow the issue here: cc: @datacollector2023

We will update one this issue is resolved!

got it, thanks!