Background recording not stored

Background recording is not stored when Image upload field is included in the script. Earlier it was happening fine, but now its not storing the background recording.
Can you kindly check on this.
Kindly find the attached sample for your reference.
Pre_Shop_V37.xlsx (21.2 KB)

@khasaab, could you kindly share a screenshot from your DATA>Table view?

We have had a script with background recording and image field, but none of the audio recordings were stored in the server. But when we removed the image field then the background recording was saved. I have also shared the sample excel file for your reference to check, you can test that with image field included in the script, the background recording is not stored.
Also, attaching the screenshot for your reference of the tested data.

@khasaab, the issue has been resolved by now. Could you kindly confirm?