Background recording

Some time back I participated in a survey that used SurveyToGo as the tool.

The tool has an option of secretly recording a specific selected question and response (the enumerator is not aware of which question will be recorded). What happens is that immediately the enumerator opens the selected question, the audio recording would start automatically, and stops after swiping to the next question.

This is used as a quality control.

I have seen that with KoBo, it is possible to record the whole interview, and it is clearly shown that the interview is being recorded.

I just wanted to find out if KoBo has got that option of the secret recording as has been trying explained above, apart from the visible recording.

Data protection policy: You need explicite consent to record/store personal voices, e.g. enumerators or interviewee. Even for QA, you cannot implement this “secretly”.

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@Impact123, we don’t have this feature with KoboToolbox. However, I have changed your post to the suggestion box. Maybe VOTE for this feature request, or feel free to contact us if you wish to sponsor this feature. We would be happy to have this feature with KoboToolbox.