Background recordings doesn't work

We are trying to configure a custom installation of KoboToolBox (out of this topic, we have another issue setting up https. Oover http is working ok).

For audit reasons we need to record the interviews but somethings is not working as expected:

  • Audios aren’t on data submissions, They are empty.
  • A new background recording start immediately you finish and send a form on Kobo Collect.

Do I need to configure a S3 or some storage in order to save recording on the server? I read documentation about this topic and it doesn’t say anything about this)

Any help will be appreciated.

@maneaticou, maybe it’s an issue with the installation you have made. Please check if there are any other issues too. I assume there should be other issues too.

Where can I check for this other issues?
Applicación is working ok (on http).
Logs (python3 --logs) are looking ok.