Backup and Restore databases

Hello, dear community. I am trying to restore databases from a backup. A few questions have arisen :

  1. Does the order of restoring databases play a role ? (in the documentation on github the following order is specified - 1)MongoDB 2)PostgreSQL 3) Redis).

  2. When I restore the previous database with fewer records in the project than it was, the newer records remain (although they were not in the old database backup) These records are not complete, there are no attached pictures. Then gradually they are replaced by new records when filling out new questionnaires. Is this how it should be ?

  3. PostgreSQL database makes two dumps, is it correct to restore them in docker container with this syntax ? Is it necessary to restore both of these databases ?

For kobocat
pg_restore -U kobo -d kobocat -c “/srv/backups/postgres-kobocat-14-kobo.local-2024.04.17.13_15.pg_dump”

For koboform (KPI ?? I don’t know why the examples on the github say koboform, maybe they meant KPI ?)
pg_restore -U kobo -d koboform -c “/srv/backups/postgres-koboform-14-kobo.local-2024.04.17.13_15.pg_dump”

Thank you very much in advance