Backup restore operations in kobo

What is the general goal of the feature?
kobo must be resilient. if we can not backup and restore form and/or data in kobo, this can be accepted as weakness. if data or form with submitted data mistakenly deleted, there must be a way to restore it

What are the most likely user stories for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?

this is appeared in our risk matrice about kobo. we did not encountered this problem but it is likely.
one may also fill a form with predefined data. this data restore procedure is also useful in that scenario

Can you sketch out graphically how you think this should look/work in practice?

there must be a button in kobo UI for each form for backup restore operations. B/R must be both in data (importing data to a form) and form-filled-with-data (importing a complete form filled with data)

How useful would this feature be to other users or organizations?
they will appreciate

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?

i know a bit python. i may devote some of my time as a developer…

Could you expound more on this?

Please see the note on your below point

In general, one would normally have more genuine desired deletions than undesired deletions. Some of the deletions would be to protect data privacy among other reasons. As such, it would beat the purpose if we keep a copy of what is deleted when one meant that what is deleted should be deleted. Your suggestion is good as it is, however you may also consider tweaking to be a feature where a deletion prompts a delay e.g.

You have confirmed that the data should be deleted, please note you have (e.g.) 2 hours to cancel this deletion process after that, the data will be permanently deleted.


I would appreciate an easy option under control and done by the user her/himself, to allow to export/back-up and import/restore a whole project.

I know there is a way with Briefcase, but as far as we look at it and also referencing community topics around it, it is not an option I would call “easy”.
If I use a cloud server, normally back-up and restore functionality for my data are available.
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