Barcode scanning and link with database

I have a database of more than 10000 people of a camp where lives more than 500000 people. All people have one ID card with barcode which contains these information: MoHA number (unique), SCOPE number (unique), Family Counting Number (Unique for each family), Name, date of birth, nationality.
I want to scan barcode of those people. I also want to link my database with my kobo forms. Is it possible to add any database link with form? If so, while scanning barcode, I need two constraints: 1. While scanning, data collector will be able to scan only those barcode which exist in my database. 2. Data collector won’t be able to scan one barcode more than once. Based on my database, is these constraints and linking possible? Your support will be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community @tasfik_rukan! Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously, it should solve your issue:

Now, response to your query:

This is possible if you follow the instruction as outlined in the post shared above keeping some constraint in your xlsfrom.

This however is not possible at the moment. Maybe you can remove the duplicates if occurred within the dataset while during the data cleaning phase.

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Thanks for solution.

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