Base map- can on customize

As the project I am working on is facing location position problems, They are getting a very high resolution drone orthorectified aerial image shot (3cm accuracy), which will be used as a basemap. Outlines will be digitised on the georefrenced image. Is there away to import shapefiles or geotiffs into Kobo so it can be added as a map backdrop? ie can one customize the map so that field users place a point on the map we create? Or is there another app that allows this?

We want the field person to log the shack number to the vector outline, If it can’t be done in kobo then some other way to circumvent human error is sought… Once the outlines are linked to shack numbers we can link the attribute data.

If not as a geotiff backdrop, perhaps i could create a kml or kmz from shack oultines and import that for the field person to use as a reference?


Hello @giscapetown,
did you find a solution (to share here) already?
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Hello. It would be an excellent choice. I have agronomists in the field, who need to measure crop surfaces, to do so they must walk around the perimeter using geotrace, but if the basemap could show a satellite image or generated from drones, it will no longer be necessary to walk through the perimeter, and would only have to mark the points from the custom map. Is it possible to have this option

Hi Roos and Marcelo,

I was not able to load a base map into Kobo so found an alternative solution. i created A3 atlas pages of drone footage overlain by digitised shack outline vectors. exported the outlines to kml.
using the free google maps , i created editable links showing the shacks for the field workers to add the shack number to each outline. the workers go into the field with a paper image plot and higher res image on their phones. I explored geotiff supermaps into google earth - works but the number of tiles is large. not really a cell solution. I have not figured out how to get a geotiff into google maps- a little bit of coding is required, would be great if someone could load a video for non-programmers… but that would be the ideal work around as it would be free and exportable. ie the image would reside on a server and not clog a small device.

the data can then be merged in post with kobotoolbox attribute data…

=> in google maps one can do basic annotation… if someone can point to a simple video on loading a geotiff into google maps i think that could be very useful to many people doing human sttlement mapping and other projects. cheerio