Basic literacy and numeracy tests for Kobo?

hello, i’m looking for examples of basic literacy and numeracy tests for Kobo. can anyone assist with examples?
thank you.

Thank you for your query. What you are looking for is rather a form that has been designed to test basic literacy and numeracy. In as much as we may not have knowledge of any user who has specifically implemented this, I would say that KoBoToolBox is designed to take different kind of surveys which means it has the ability of handling such kind of numeracy and literacy tests. On the other hand, if your idea is to have the traditional administration of the tests directly by the pupils, you may want to consider their ability to use the tablets or phones for the purpose. You can also find a lot of instruments on literacy and numeracy as in this example You can then take advantage of the various functionalities of KoBoToolBox to make it work.


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thanks stephane for your advice.