Beneficiary Looping

Hi, I have enumerators on ground. They are collecting beneficiary data and I have provided a loop in the questionnaire for them to choose the number of beneficiaries they would like to enter then key in their details. Incidentally, someone entered 156 beneficiaries and later when she was at 71 discovers that she is rather supposed to stop it at 71. That’s a massive work already. Doing all the 156 entries would be impossible. They have even tried adjusting the beneficiary number (in the App) to 71 but its like the system was already set for 156 and cant be altered. This entries are now mandatory. How do I adjust this?

Welcome to the community, @ErickOrwa254! Seems like you designed your survey form with the repeat count and are using the Collect android app to collect data. You mistakenly entered 156 but later realized it should be 71 and when you changed the entry to 71 the same did not work as expected. Is this what you are trying to explain?

Yes, this is exactly what I mean, @Kal_Lam

And did you have issues with Enketo?