Best Device for KOBO and data error

Hi Kobo Com,

My team has been struggling with using Samusang tablets in the field. They seem not to be downloading syncing well the cloud. So we resolved to be using the Lenovo’s instead. But even with the Lenovos, there seem to be one or two tablets that are not working too well with Kobo. How best can we work around this?


@timeandtide, I have split your issues into two different topics. Regarding this topic, could you also provide more details on your team’s use for data collection? i.e., did they use Enketo or Collect android app?

They use Collect Andriod App.

So you mean your team is not able to get blank forms to the device (KoboCollect android app)?

When I make changes to a questionnaire, it usually takes a few days or refreshes before the updated questionnaire syncs.

@timeandtide, if the auto-updating of forms takes too long, maybe you could update the forms manually (whenever you have a new version available on the server).

Thank you.
Another problem mentioned was that they struggle to upload collected data on the same tablets. Data takes a few pushes on the upload bottom before it syncs to the cloud. Sometimes it never syncs and data has to be re-entered on a different tablet.

Maybe it’s an issue with the internet or a problem with the device itself. Sometimes, removing the app and then re-installing it could also solve the issue.

We do have limited internet, but I will try and reinstall the app,
Thank you.

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