Beyond the Validation Condition Values

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Lets take an example a form is having 10 questions, 3 questions are having validation condition.
So, if the user is entering beyond the validation condition particular question should be displayed in an another group. Lets consider group name is Remarks.

Could you please let us know if this scenario is achievable or not.


@msupriya, could you share with the community the sample of your questions and the conditions? Maybe that should make the community even more clear on what you are trying to express.

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Assume one question is Range and the value should not exceed 100.
If the user enters beyond 100 the beyond value should be displayed in the result group.

1st question text field.
2nd question drop down value with Yes or No options.
3rd question integer with the value should not exceed 100.
4th question text field.

Create a note field Remarks, in 3rd question if the user enters beyond 100 that value should be called in this question.


@msupriya, maybe you could constraint your response as discussed in our previous post: