Big downloads assisted by Downthemall in Mozilla are duplicating a filename

Hi Everyone.
I have been downloading the media from my collected forms to make a hard copy. We took over 180.000 pictures so I have been doing it for a while. I discovered that downthemall works better in chunks of 10.000 photos so I downloaded my excel, programmed it through HYPERLINK command and then saved as webpage separated by pieces. All was going well until suddenly, pictures have lost their names and are called “original” and therefore are duplicating themselves and loosing their place in the data base.
HEre is a photo of what I mean:

This used to show itself with the file name, not the (original) phrase. My archive now looks like this (!):

And it used to look like this:


Something changed and I dont know ho to fix it. Is it Mozilla? Is it DOwnthemall? Is it Kobo?

THanks for your help!
Ana Maria

Hi @AnaMariaGonzalez,

Would you mind trying to download your media attachments with Free Download Manager and see if it solves your issue. The Free Download Manager should also be able to download large attachments without breaking.

Kindly please let the community know if it works.

Have a great day!

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Thanks Kal. Will do.

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I finally managed, but the server could only take 10000 downloads at a time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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