Blank cell in .csv file with multiple choice questions


I am working with the .csv output of questionnaires filled in with kobotools.
I have multiple choice questions among my questionnaire and the output in a csv file of the respondents is such that every possible answer in the multiple choice is marked as ‘1’ (yes) or ‘0’ (no). The problem I encounter is that in several cases I get a blank cell instead of a 0 or 1.
In the case of a non-multiple choice question, this would be because of the interviewer skipping the question such that no response is noted down.
In the case of my multiple choice questions, the interviewer did pose the question, as several options are marked ‘0’ or ‘1’, but others are left blank. When I check manually a blank cell by looking at the filled in forms by clicking the eye-icon on the kobotools website, a blank cell corresponds with a ‘0’ but I can’t manually check all my questions if this is correct.

Beneath an example of .csv file I work with. The yellow headers depict one questions and all its possible answers. As you can see, the missing data are in rows with ‘0’ or ‘1’, proving that the question was answered so the multiple choice box was checked (1) or left unchecked (0). What does the blank space mean ?

Thanks in advance for any help!

@vincentsmets, would you also try downloading your data in XLS format to see if you are able to see the blank cells there too? Let us know what happens.


Yes, the same issue arises both with csv as xls files.