Blank columns (start, end and today) on Download after redeploy

Dear Kobo Community,

I am getting columns blank (start, end and today) on downloading data from Kobo. I am getting this after adding one option in one field and redeployed the form.


Please guide me why I am getting these blank. Is there any way to get these column filled.

Rasool Bux

Welcome @buxr123,
Can you see these data in the table view (server level)?

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@buxr123, this is because you will need to check the start time, end time and today metadata under the form settings as shown in the images below:

Under the FORM tab, select the pen-like edit icon as shown in the image below:

Select Layout & Settings as shown in the image below:

Image 2

Select start time, end time, and today under the Metadata as shown in the image below:

The system will not capture these metadata if you uncheck them from the form settings.