Blank submission


I have seen many having the same problem as mine… I send the link for the form on line and I get submissions but almost half of them are blank.
Is there a problem? Do people just scroll down and validate without data (seems a lot)? I have modified the questionnaire and redeployer, but not since a week and it still happens. Can’t find the data when I export with all versions…
Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Welcome to the community, @alicecorniou! Would you mind letting us know the server you are using?

“Non-humanitarian server” …is it …that? sorry, not sure what to answer

Could you also share with us a screenshot of your issue for better understanding? Does your question have a mandatory response? Sometimes users many not submit a complete response when the question has a mandatory response turned off.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand mandatory response better:

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No, I didn’t want to put mandatory response…but maybe I should ! I hoped it might be something else then just people not replying to questions !

Please also ensure the skips. Sometimes the skips might also affect your data completeness.