Blocking a specific device from sending data to server

Is there any option to block a specific device from sending data to our account using device id? We have decided to reduce a person from our data collection project and block the persons’ device to prevent him from sending data.
Is there any way?

you can specify devices id allowed to fill out the form
xls file:

csv file:

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Hint: If you block a deviceid, the person could still use another device. And the Collect app on this device cannot be used by another person for the specific form. (It can be after new Collect installation, see for deviceid Question Types - ODK Docs)

You may try the following: Create/and deploy a new version of the form, adding an initial note, label “You are not allowed …”, required = true, relevant = ${deviceid} = ‘BlockedId’. This should block even finalisation of the form.

But you cannot block this user for forms started already with the previous form version. Depending on your configuration, the user might be able to block the update to the new version (or even remove the downloaded new form update) and continue to submit with the previous form version.

There are other options and workarounds, e.g.
- Monitor on server level and delete the specific submissions (deviceid, version).
- Ask for authorisation (project setting), with new password.
- Deactivate the account you want to block (and reset local app with new account).
- Change the server account password (and reset local settings.)


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